Tour overview

The Hana-cupid Japan Women´s Tennis Championships is an WTA Tour International level tournament. It is played at tha Regional Park Tennis Stadium in Hiroshima.

Unfortunately Hiroshima is very famous because of the exposion of an atom bom 2000 feet above it in 1945.

Tournament DirectorMs. Hikaru Mizutani
Official NameHana-Cupid Japan Women´s Open Championships
Tournament was founded:
Date14th – 20th Sep 2020
SurfaceHardcourt, Indoor
Prize Money250,000 U$
Singles Winner 2019Nao Hibino (JPN)
Doubles Winner 2019Misaki Doi & Nao Hibino (JPN)
Official Balls:SRIXON
First Edition2009

Points & Prize Money
RoundPointsPrize Money SinglesPrize Money Doubles
Winner28043,000 U$12,300 U$
Finalist18021,400 U$6,400 U$
Semifinal11011,300 U$3,425 U$
Quarterfinal605,900 U$1,820 U$
R1630 (Doubles:1)3,910 U$960 U$
R 3211,925 U$
Qualifier R 2121,020 U$
Qualifier R11600 U$

Not Included

  • limited parking possibilities

Where can I purchase tickets?

You can purchase your tickets online here.

How can I get to the venue?

Venue: Hiroshima Regional Park Tennis Court
Address: 5-2-1 Otsuka Nishi, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
Take a bus from the center of Hiroshima City [Hiroshima Bus Center (via Hiroshima Expressway Route 4)]
①Hiroshima Bus Center (Platform 4: Kokorodan area) ⇒ 20 minutes ⇒ Get off at the bus stop in front of the wide area park tennis court ⇒ 1 minute walk ⇒ Wide area park tennis court: 21 minutes required
②Hiroshima Bus Center (Platform 4: Area of ​​Hananokidai) ⇒ 20 minutes ⇒ Get off at Hananokidai entrance bus stop ⇒ 3 minutes walk ⇒ Wide area park tennis court: 23 minutes required
Use Astram Line from the center of Hiroshima City (Hondori Station)
Hondori Station (Astram Line) ⇒ 33 minutes ⇒ Get off at Otsuka Station ⇒ 20 minutes on foot ⇒ Wide area park tennis court: 53 minutes required

In addition, about detailed access to venue, you can confirm in Hiroshima wide area park official site (separate site opens).

* The number of parking lots for customers is limited.

Which airport & train station are the nearest?

Hiroshima Airport is the nearest. Otsuka Station is the nearest, with approx 20 minutes walking distance.

When do they open the entrance gate?

Approx at 9 a.m.