Do I have to pay to get information about the tournaments?

All Info on Travel The Tours are for free, but we do have a premium page/app which do cost money. You will get further information like official players hotel etc. there in the premium section.

How much does it cost to be premium member at Travel The Tours?

TBA – we will announce it very soon

Do you guarantee the correctness of all info?

Of course we try to give our best to update all info frequently and to give out only correct info. It can happen that we make a mistake, therefore we cannot guarantee for it.

If I find other information than yours can I send them to you?

Yes of course, please send them to info@travel-the-tours.com. We´ll be happy to get more info!

Which Info do I get on your social media accounts?

On our Social Media Accounts Facebook and Instagram we present the following info:

  • Interviews
  • Results
  • Tournament Information
  • Birthdays
  • Off-court activities
  • Interesting things about tennis
  • Travel Info
  • Special Offers

Do you help us to get tickets?

We are happy to help you purchasing tickets for the tournaments, please contact us.

How should I behave when I meet players at tournaments?